Hi, I'm Rebecca! I am crocheter or in posh terms 'crochet artist', blogger and i like to dabble in other crafts. I started Twinklehook as a blog where i could share my creations and meet like minded folk, which i did! I have some great blogging friends who are even more talented than me! 

As i found unemployment, like anyone i wanted to make money but i wanted to do something i loved at the same time. So i launched my website where i could sell my custom crafts.  A lot of love and time goes into making my items and i've lost sleep thinking about what can i make next! I hope you join me on my little venture and thank you to those that have supported me.


I offer a custom handmade service. From choosing your own size blankets and toys, you get to choose the colour and design. This gives you the customer a chance to make it a personal experience! Leave the crocheting to me :) 


You can contact me directly by email rebecca@twinklehook.co.uk or find Twinklehook on FB and Instagram for enquieies and updates. I am available 6 days a week mon-sat and will try my hardest to respond to any messages within a few hours.

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