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Practising watercolour

So I have been trying out all new crafts over the past year, one being calligraphy and the other drawing/painting with water colour. I know I suck.... When I first did these butterflies I thought they looked really good now I think wow what crap. But it's all a learning curve, and I don't have… Continue reading Practising watercolour

Other hobbies

My hand lettering progression

  I am alive, i am kicking. If you noticed! I won't go into a huge amount of detail to as why i haven't been blogging, but i let my depression get the better of me. That's all i will say BUT on a lighter note, next week i am going to the zoo :D… Continue reading My hand lettering progression

Short stories & Poems · Writing

Alena | Chapter one preview

Chapter one   The cold air hit Alena hard in the face, she tried to wiggle her mouth and smile, but it was numb and tight. Alena loved the winter; the cold air was refreshing, and it helped her in the mornings when she really needed to wake up and face the day. Cold air… Continue reading Alena | Chapter one preview

Short stories & Poems · Writing

This is me

The point of this is to really understand why I'm in the dark, why i spend every minute of everyday looking over my shoulders of the black clouds that cast over me as i live among the people of this planet - The people that see me as invisible, the ones that would never know… Continue reading This is me


Joe with Alena | Writing

  Happy Monday folks, I have been so busy this weekend, I wanted to bake and do other stuff but I had crocheting orders and all sorts of boring adult things to do. I spent a lot of time reading but most of all WRITING. I have been pushing out 2500 words average, and I… Continue reading Joe with Alena | Writing

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DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

Taking professional photographs of our food, crafts, or anything we want to blog and share on social media is important. Why? Because if we are buying, we expect the photos to look clear, and honest to the description, not grainy and in bad lighting. This SO important if you want to stand out on platforms… Continue reading DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

Crochet · Diary

Monday | Oh i have a confession

Hi de ho! So i made this blogging schedule and i am kind of not sticking to it as i am all over the place at the moment - February 14th is when my grandad passed away and it will be ten years this Valentines day so i guess my mood is either up or… Continue reading Monday | Oh i have a confession



  I know.. I swore off doing these buy a lovely lass nominated and i am all for a bit of sunshine - Sunshine makes me happy, being happy is good yes? Thank you Girl In Glasses for giving me this nomination! The Rules: 1.Thank the nominator and post a link back to their blog. 2.Answer… Continue reading THE SUNSHINE BLOGGERS AWARD | Yup I’m taking part


Friday catch up and a brief intro on my main character

Happy Friday folks, i've been a bit offline this week on the blog as i haven't been feeling myself and wanted to deal with my dark mood in my own way. I was going to post my WIP Wednesday but we barely had the internet that day and had to wait until Thursday for a… Continue reading Friday catch up and a brief intro on my main character


Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link

  Happy Monday folks, just a lil crochet post today. I bought this hooded pattern a while back, and i did make a cardigan ages ago but seeing as i have this order to do i thought i'd use the correct weight yarn and give it another go. This pattern  does have the bear ears but… Continue reading Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link