Cue selfie…..


I only ever feel its acceptable to feel proud of a selfie when it’s on Instagram. I mean i am using the same picture that’s on my profile thing but you know.. I am just rolling with it.

A little about me! Well i am from Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire. Well known for it’s pottery and oatcakes. I won’t go into oatcakes and it’s not them biscuit type you get in packets, i think they are like a healthy option instead of a full fat cracker.

I love to crochet and write. Which is why i have a blog with my crochet. I only actually started to crochet last year. I never gave this craft a second thought, but i really enjoy it. I’m a creative person so it really does give me a lot of joy.
When i mentioned i like to write, i have had this goal since i was 7 years old when i wrote my first thriller short story for school. My goal is to write a novel, but i get distracted. I lack confidence & i have a million drafts on my laptop. Notepads in storage. But this is a HUGE reason why i set out writing this blog, it will help me a lot.

I didn’t finish high school, and i tried to go to college when i was 20 but because i never actually got taught high levels of Maths i couldn’t really grasp what i was studying.
Literacy i have always been good at regardless of the lack of education. Which brings me to me basically not having any qualifications, no degrees in special bloggy type things or degrees in writing. I have a healthy & safety certificate. So i am pretty much self taught, which could be a good thing or a bad thing but i have done pretty okay in life so far.

I am driven person and i get bored easily, if something is too easy i won’t like it and i’ll move onto something that challenges my brain. So then i get angry that its hard and push myself to do it. I am at that age (26) where i have had fun getting drunk in clubs and ending up in a police car for being loud. I like to drink at the comfort of my home, online shop, baby talk to my cat and annoy the hell out of my boyfriend.

I want to succeed and i have had SO many bad things happen and crappy setbacks in the past 5 years maybe even longer that i need to do something.

This is supposed to be ‘About me’ I don’t have a lot to say, i haven’t accomplished much or seen much of the world but i am someone that cares and will be your friend forever.

By the way… Roman is my cat. I named him after the WWE wrestler Roman Reigns.