I need a favour.. From a knitter!

So I have THREE scheepjes whirls that have been sitting around, well no I lie I had two in total but I am currently using one to make the Dragon belly shawl, and the other is just looking pretty. I accidentally bought a third and a pattern to go with it - Here's the stupid… Continue reading I need a favour.. From a knitter!

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Monday | Oh i have a confession

Hi de ho! So i made this blogging schedule and i am kind of not sticking to it as i am all over the place at the moment - February 14th is when my grandad passed away and it will be ten years this Valentines day so i guess my mood is either up or… Continue reading Monday | Oh i have a confession


Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link

  Happy Monday folks, just a lil crochet post today. I bought this hooded pattern a while back, and i did make a cardigan ages ago but seeing as i have this order to do i thought i'd use the correct weight yarn and give it another go. This pattern  does have the bear ears but… Continue reading Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link


Crochet baby cardigan | Free pattern link

Happy Friday! Woop woop - Honestly, its February already and i am REAL scared. Where is my life going 😦 I also don't like how this month started on Thursday, i am pretending February starts on Monday, this works better for my bullet journal LOL This week has been a bit of a downer, so… Continue reading Crochet baby cardigan | Free pattern link


WIP Sunday LOL – oops

Super late  WIP post but who makes the rules anyway? I've been majorly off schedule this week, as i mentioned previously i have a massive baby order. So i wanted to plan and count my yarn stash and work out what i need and make lists because why not? - I also went out Friday… Continue reading WIP Sunday LOL – oops

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Hey guys just a quick post as I'm super busy this week and haven't been able to really blog much but ivr just had a massive order for baby clothes etc last night so I have been planning. Also research for my book has taken over a little. Where are the weeks going. OK so… Continue reading LAST CHANCE COMPETITION


Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)

  Well i did it! I filmed my first tutorial, and then tomorrow i will follow up with the how to video for that kindle sleeve. I re-filmed this so many times because i was nervous, and my set up wasn't perfect! I may of had some trouble with the camera focusing and the background… Continue reading Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)

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Blogger-versary | Give away (international)

  Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don't know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am… Continue reading Blogger-versary | Give away (international)


WIP Thursday 18.01.18

Well this week has been a bit off schedule, i wanted to film my kindle cover book but i have got a swollen gum (wisdom tooth trying to make an appearance) so it's been a bit painful and we all know how toothache just drains you! So off to the dentist tomorrow. My WIP Wednesday… Continue reading WIP Thursday 18.01.18

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Writing excerpt #2 (not edited, possible mistakes)| Give me back my flowers

  It was officially March, spring began to peak through and the world started to work properly again. Erin hated the few months of a new year, because everyone was resolution mad. Her social media feed would be flooded with gym statuses and photo’s of food prep or healthy eating. “Eat clean, get lean” -… Continue reading Writing excerpt #2 (not edited, possible mistakes)| Give me back my flowers