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Practising watercolour

So I have been trying out all new crafts over the past year, one being calligraphy and the other drawing/painting with water colour. I know I suck.... When I first did these butterflies I thought they looked really good now I think wow what crap. But it's all a learning curve, and I don't have… Continue reading Practising watercolour

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My hand lettering progression

  I am alive, i am kicking. If you noticed! I won't go into a huge amount of detail to as why i haven't been blogging, but i let my depression get the better of me. That's all i will say BUT on a lighter note, next week i am going to the zoo :D… Continue reading My hand lettering progression

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DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

Taking professional photographs of our food, crafts, or anything we want to blog and share on social media is important. Why? Because if we are buying, we expect the photos to look clear, and honest to the description, not grainy and in bad lighting. This SO important if you want to stand out on platforms… Continue reading DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

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January: What I’ve been reading | Disappointment

  Well, it's almost midnight and i have just finished eating 6 cheese crackers with cherry tomatoes - HI DIET! I have a ton of books to read on my Kindle, then all the hundreds i am collecting and never reading. Whilst we are closing in on the first month of 2018, as promised in… Continue reading January: What I’ve been reading | Disappointment

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Hey guys just a quick post as I'm super busy this week and haven't been able to really blog much but ivr just had a massive order for baby clothes etc last night so I have been planning. Also research for my book has taken over a little. Where are the weeks going. OK so… Continue reading LAST CHANCE COMPETITION

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Blogger-versary | Give away (international)

  Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don't know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am… Continue reading Blogger-versary | Give away (international)


Easy baking: Ginger snaps | A Mary Berry recipe

  I won't go into my disastrous baking weekend but i will say MARY BERRY GOT ME MAD. For like a second, then i saw these scrummy ginger snaps - Which if you buy from the shops are jut basically ginger biscuits. Tasty dipped in a cup of tea! I could go through a whole… Continue reading Easy baking: Ginger snaps | A Mary Berry recipe

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Goals | 18 for 2018

I'm jumping on the bandwagon, well technically i wrote my goals out in my bullet journal and now i am sharing them here! SO i never actually really understood this, i kept seeing it last year and 17 goals for 2017 and i've seen it cropping up more since the new year. Seeing as 2018… Continue reading Goals | 18 for 2018

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Deep pan pizza – Mary Berry

Waaaaaaaaasup guys! We are kicking off January 2018 - YUP Its officially a new year! I hope you've all had a good one, and didn't get too drunk. I spent all night in my pjs and dressing gown, playing monopoly and having a few beverages. I don't know if you have noticed but i am… Continue reading Deep pan pizza – Mary Berry


Fantastic bake along – Apples

So it's that time where a bunch of you do this bake along and i thought HEY i am going to try this. Feeling really inspired since Mary Berry left Bake off and some bleugh of a new lady joined, i felt the need to take part and do Mary Berry proud - Even though… Continue reading Fantastic bake along – Apples