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Leaves set free – poem 

The air so cool and leaves set free, Swooshing to a place id like to see, With animals hiding to keep themselves warm, Birds are fleeing away fast like a bee swarm, The fox and owl find food to eat, And the red breast Robin finally lands his feet, The air so cool and the… Continue reading Leaves set free – poem 


Crochet catch up and stuff

Image source: Mine lol   So, i was going to start this week off with another Make up Monday post, but then i got distracted by the fact that today, the 12th is my birthday and i am now 27. Which depressed me, plus i had shit to do okay? God almighty, why is it… Continue reading Crochet catch up and stuff


Crochet conker – RE-BLOG

  I saw this post as i am trying to catch up with blogs, and this just filled me up with happy memories as a child. My grandad would take me on a weekend, usually a Sunday and we would go and find conkers 🙂 I remember use wrapped up warm and rummaging the floor… Continue reading Crochet conker – RE-BLOG


Bye Bye August – Random chit chat

  Well, as far as crocheting is concerned i am working away at orders and don't have many finished NEW and exciting WIPs - Except the hat. I have however managed to get back into my bullet journal and now my life is becoming before busier than usual i feel like i need to set… Continue reading Bye Bye August – Random chit chat