Crochet baby cardigan | Free pattern link

Happy Friday! Woop woop - Honestly, its February already and i am REAL scared. Where is my life going šŸ˜¦ I also don't like how this month started on Thursday, i am pretending February starts on Monday, this works better for my bullet journal LOL This week has been a bit of a downer, so… Continue reading Crochet baby cardigan | Free pattern link


Competition/give away winner

  It's technically the 31st here in the UK so i am announcing the winner šŸ™‚ I wanted to record some kind of video but i only have the basic plan on here, and it doesn't let you embed videos unless i upload it to Youtube and copy the link. I really don't fancy uploading… Continue reading Competition/give away winner


WIP Sunday LOL – oops

Super lateĀ  WIP post but who makes the rules anyway? I've been majorly off schedule this week, as i mentioned previously i have a massive baby order. So i wanted to plan and count my yarn stash and work out what i need and make lists because why not? - I also went out Friday… Continue reading WIP Sunday LOL – oops


Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)

  Well i did it! I filmed my first tutorial, and then tomorrow i will follow up with the how to video for that kindle sleeve. I re-filmed this so many times because i was nervous, and my set up wasn't perfect! I may of had some trouble with the camera focusing and the background… Continue reading Crochet tutorial | Heringbone HTR (Uk terms)


READ READ READ! Blogger join in – christmas cards LAST CHANCEĀ 

  I'll be closing the post next week, i was going to do until the 24th but i am a tad busy that day so i will leave it until the 25th and THAT day i will be emailing you all that are and have taken part in this a list of postal addresses. PLEASE… Continue reading READ READ READ! Blogger join in – christmas cards LAST CHANCEĀ 


CLOSED. Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.

  Hey guys, just a quick post today! I've just been sitting on the toilet and i had this really cool idea. It maybe already happening or has been done before but i thought about how Christmas cards are really cute and i never get many because i don't have many friends. I usually get… Continue reading CLOSED. Let’s send – Christmas cards: Blogger join in.


Crochet bumpy baby blanket

  Sup folks! I'm coming right back at ya with one of those treacherous blankets. Honestly, i think the one thing i loath making for orders is blankets because i have to do them within a time frame - Meaning i have a blanket i started i think around Feb, i did blog about it,… Continue reading Crochet bumpy baby blanket


Weekend diary – It’s okay that I don’t have kids.

I wasn't really going to post again but things have been bothering me and as you can tell by the title its about motherhood - And a little bit more. (PLEASE READ THE LAST BIT ID LOVE FOR THIS TO BE A THING!!) As the world grows, we grow. The population is expanding and I… Continue reading Weekend diary – It’s okay that I don’t have kids.


Catch up – blog changes & moreĀ 

I think have a book addiction but I'm also a hoarder. I've come to terms with this. So I'm being distant, I can't help it. I hate social media and right now and even crochet, including the 'look at me' posts all the fucking time. but I'm pushing through because I have a craft fayre… Continue reading Catch up – blog changes & moreĀ 

Short stories & Poems

Whispering shadow

Her long brown hair fell beautifully as she sat in her window, reading what appeared to be an old war love story. I knew her favourite type of books, i knew a lot about her and it had only been three months. I could see the Ā frustration in her eyes as one strand of hair… Continue reading Whispering shadow