C2C Crochet blanket | COMPLETE OH MY!

  Happy Sunday folks! Just a little update - I may of done one of my goals. Not my 18 but you know the generic small goals. I FINISHED MY C2C BLANKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my, after 6 months of it being sitting alone. I can say 13 balls of King Cole drifter, its done. I only… Continue reading C2C Crochet blanket | COMPLETE OH MY!


WIP Wednesday – A bit of a quickie

  Technically this isn't a work in progress as I've just finished it. I've not even bothered weaving in the ends! OKAY - It's a C2C washcloth aka flannel, them things that clean you! So if you are like me, when i clean my bathroom i tend to chuck out bottles and when it comes… Continue reading WIP Wednesday – A bit of a quickie


Where I’m at with the Bat! – Not very far

Okay i will admit something right now! I got distracted making this and i decided to make my friends daughter a dress. I've got a ton of Drops cotton left WELL it looked a lot and now i've ran out of yarn to finish the dress and it's not even half way. ALSO I think… Continue reading Where I’m at with the Bat! – Not very far


I’m back – My week in a nutshell

  So i took that break from the blog, and i didn't think it would also mean i took a break from crocheting and writing. But lets be honest my writing has gone and I've hit a brick wall - Alex doesn't want to come back and I am okay with that for a while.… Continue reading I’m back – My week in a nutshell


Crocheting is driving me crazy

So i've gotten this far with my c2c and i am NOT bored of it but now i am ready to just take a day off from this and start a c2c graph blanket. Could not figure out stitch fiddle, I thought it was going okay and the pictures I chose just did not look… Continue reading Crocheting is driving me crazy


C2c – Thursday crochet

Blogging on the phone again as I'm about to head out food shopping with a  friend. So yesterday I posted about the yarn I ordered and I spent a good 4 hours doing swatches and couldn't make my mind up. Yup, that bad! Now I literally don't like c2c blankets. I am being super honest… Continue reading C2c – Thursday crochet