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Leaves set free – poem 

The air so cool and leaves set free, Swooshing to a place id like to see, With animals hiding to keep themselves warm, Birds are fleeing away fast like a bee swarm, The fox and owl find food to eat, And the red breast Robin finally lands his feet, The air so cool and the… Continue reading Leaves set free – poem 


Weekend diary – It’s okay that I don’t have kids.

I wasn't really going to post again but things have been bothering me and as you can tell by the title its about motherhood - And a little bit more. (PLEASE READ THE LAST BIT ID LOVE FOR THIS TO BE A THING!!) As the world grows, we grow. The population is expanding and I… Continue reading Weekend diary – It’s okay that I don’t have kids.


Catch up – blog changes & more 

I think have a book addiction but I'm also a hoarder. I've come to terms with this. So I'm being distant, I can't help it. I hate social media and right now and even crochet, including the 'look at me' posts all the fucking time. but I'm pushing through because I have a craft fayre… Continue reading Catch up – blog changes & more 

Crochet · Diary

Monday mayhem

So I've been way off with my blogging and everything else. I guess I've been busy but at the same time I started to feel a little low again and I needed to try and just snap out of it. I'm feeling okay today, i finished my unicorn order and have a small order to… Continue reading Monday mayhem


Oh OK. 


Crocheting & things

What up world, so Tuesday it is. I feel like evert week is getting shorter and shorter!  Not much is happening on my side I am concentrating on life for a while & obviously crocheting. I've closed my website for a few weeks because I am making lots of things And some of the boring… Continue reading Crocheting & things


Wednesday WIP& stuff

Bonjour crafters! It's Wednesday once again and this week is flying damn.. I got so much to do as well it makes me feel sick and want take a million naps. So i started a ripple blanket last night using stylecraft yarn. I got these colours a few weeks back when i just wanted to… Continue reading Wednesday WIP& stuff


Sunday diary 

I'm just writing a diary post today as I feel the need to say some things that maybe my friends or boyfriend won't get. Well my boyfriend might. So I love blogging and I've gotten the chance to really speak to new people and see what kind of world they live in and share the… Continue reading Sunday diary 


Quick update

Hello guys! I've not been blogging in over a week and I just wanted to quickly post to say I'm still around and trying to stay up to date with everyone else's blogs. I've been a little distracted as life does that sometimes and so I took a break from the blog to just relax… Continue reading Quick update


Weekly diary 3

Well hello, feel free to enjoy the picture of clouds I took from my flat window.  Alright view for the 3rd floor. So what's happening? 4 weeks of unemployment. I had a job interview today, been called back for a trial on Thursday. Unsure of pay and realised I should of asked.  9-5 hours so… Continue reading Weekly diary 3