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DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20

Taking professional photographs of our food, crafts, or anything we want to blog and share on social media is important. Why? Because if we are buying, we expect the photos to look clear, and honest to the description, not grainy and in bad lighting. This SO important if you want to stand out on platforms… Continue reading DIY | Small photo studio for less than £20


Completed Chevron Baby Blanket

ITS DONE! Yes, i weaved in those ghastly ends and it's currently in the washing machine being tested. Hopefully it will come out in one piece. - As my fellow crocheters and knitters know it's always an anxious moment because you want your work of art to be perfect! And that's with any craft or… Continue reading Completed Chevron Baby Blanket


Crochet reversible egg & chick -PLUS diy light box

Happy Friday folks! As you know if your someone that crochets you can't just have more than one WIP (Work in progress) and i was browsing the crochet groups i'm in on Facebook and saw this really cut egg and chick that was reversible, now i must be really behind on crochet trends so i… Continue reading Crochet reversible egg & chick -PLUS diy light box


Crochet throwback – Granny baby blanket

Who doesn't love a throwback? Especially when you've come so far with your hobby and you look back and see a huge difference and think wow i actually did that. Whether you've improved or your taking a trip down memory lane. It never gets tiresome looking at past projects, if anything it motivates me even… Continue reading Crochet throwback – Granny baby blanket


Bina the bear 

Happy Monday folks. I really dislike Mondays,  it always feel like it should be an extended Sunday. I also hate how quickly weekends pass - so much for tackling all of my washing!  Woke up today with a stuffy nose and felt like I could sleep all day so I am guessing a bit of… Continue reading Bina the bear 


70’s love child blanket – COMPLETED

IT'S FINALLY DONE! Actually I don't think it's taken that long? seeing as I haven't done any of it for a while up until this week.  It's safe to say that it love it. I know it's a little bit loud with the colours but I like to be different. I can only take so… Continue reading 70’s love child blanket – COMPLETED


Easter chick and egg

Firstly I'd like to say that his is one angry chick. And looks nothing like the pattern (hatching easter chick pattern) I'll explain why - I can't do tapestry eyes or bloody noses to save my life. So I winged the face, then when I did the little wings they came undone. At this point… Continue reading Easter chick and egg


Mermaid tail – crochet throwback 

Well guys I have no current completed projects to show you. which is quite bad, as this means I'm so behind.  I spent yesterday relaxing and taking a break from it all and ended up playing Skyrim til late. I haven't played a game all day like that since I was 20!!  This brings me… Continue reading Mermaid tail – crochet throwback 


Crochet headband – free pattern

So after the messy bun hat I though I need a headband.  I actually don't need one as I only ever rarely wear them in the house when my hair looks messy. BUT I want to be one of those people that can totally rock headbands all year round. This little headhand is too big… Continue reading Crochet headband – free pattern


Super easy baby blanket! – beginner friendly.

I would like to say sorry for not posting as much as I should.  Not that it matters as I doubt many read but I've been a little busy with my crochet projects and been trying to get them done. I've also been feeling a little bit low and have just need to take it… Continue reading Super easy baby blanket! – beginner friendly.