Joe with Alena | Writing

  Happy Monday folks, I have been so busy this weekend, I wanted to bake and do other stuff but I had crocheting orders and all sorts of boring adult things to do. I spent a lot of time reading but most of all WRITING. I have been pushing out 2500 words average, and I… Continue reading Joe with Alena | Writing

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Monday | Oh i have a confession

Hi de ho! So i made this blogging schedule and i am kind of not sticking to it as i am all over the place at the moment - February 14th is when my grandad passed away and it will be ten years this Valentines day so i guess my mood is either up or… Continue reading Monday | Oh i have a confession


Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link

  Happy Monday folks, just a lil crochet post today. I bought this hooded pattern a while back, and i did make a cardigan ages ago but seeing as i have this order to do i thought i'd use the correct weight yarn and give it another go. This pattern  does have the bear ears but… Continue reading Crochet hooded cardigan | With pattern link


Re blog :)

  Just a re blog today folks, my wrist is killing me! I've been crocheting orders and stuff for the stall pretty much days on days without no break. So i am taken a wee few days off to relax! Please don't forget to join in on the bloggers Xmas You have until next week… Continue reading Re blog 🙂


Crochet 12 point star ripple blanket

Why do i do this to myself? WIP number 100 - Yup, more work. I used my pretty unicorn (poppin candy) yarn to start this 12 point star ripple. I've been looking at this yarn since i got it and i did attempt a shawl and frogged it. I was like, i did NOT pay… Continue reading Crochet 12 point star ripple blanket

Crochet · Diary

Motivation Monday – help!

Was hoping to progressed with my wips but my hayfever is pissing me off today. I need a push guys! I want to get the dress done today, finish bina the bear & have Atleast started decreasing my c2c by tonight. I was going to start a mandala with that new yarn but I've told… Continue reading Motivation Monday – help!