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Goals | 18 for 2018

I'm jumping on the bandwagon, well technically i wrote my goals out in my bullet journal and now i am sharing them here! SO i never actually really understood this, i kept seeing it last year and 17 goals for 2017 and i've seen it cropping up more since the new year. Seeing as 2018… Continue reading Goals | 18 for 2018


My year 2017, Bye bye

  I put off writing this post, because i can't say that 2017 has been 100%  good to me. The low moments over took the good but what kind of new leaf would i be turning if i continued to allow the bad suck me into a black hole. 2017 has been tough, not just… Continue reading My year 2017, Bye bye


Weekly diary 5

  Congratulations to me, i have made it to week 5 of doing these bloody diaries. I actually feel better in doing them. I set out to make a crochet blog but i wanted to add me into it, i wanted it to be personal and not some robot who never seems to not have… Continue reading Weekly diary 5


Weekly diary 3

Well hello, feel free to enjoy the picture of clouds I took from my flat window.  Alright view for the 3rd floor. So what's happening? 4 weeks of unemployment. I had a job interview today, been called back for a trial on Thursday. Unsure of pay and realised I should of asked.  9-5 hours so… Continue reading Weekly diary 3


The Peacock blanket

  I think i mentioned in my previous blog that i like to create names for my blankets. Or at least try. The Peacock blanket is one of my favourite creations to date. I can't believe how far I've come with my crocheting. Last year i started this hobby after meeting a lady who volunteered… Continue reading The Peacock blanket


Weekly diary 1

Not exactly exciting...   I took it upon myself to start a weekly diary. I thought maybe daily but considering i lost my job two weeks ago, nothing exciting ever seems to happen to me now. Except the odd funny thing my cat does... Though i am pretty sure the time i spent at my… Continue reading Weekly diary 1