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January: What I’ve been reading | Disappointment

  Well, it's almost midnight and i have just finished eating 6 cheese crackers with cherry tomatoes - HI DIET! I have a ton of books to read on my Kindle, then all the hundreds i am collecting and never reading. Whilst we are closing in on the first month of 2018, as promised in… Continue reading January: What I’ve been reading | Disappointment

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Book review – NOD, by Adrian Barnes

Alright, well i am back from my few days trip. I actually got back Saturday but I've kind of been recovering and trying to get back to reality! Why is it so vile when you come home, like it just all becomes so boring. I am going to do a full post on my trip… Continue reading Book review – NOD, by Adrian Barnes

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Catch up and book review – Elly Griffiths, The Chalk Pit. 

What's up everyone! I'm slowly back so I thought I'd do a wee catch up and a quick review on a book I've just finished. Actually I finished it at 4am last night, I would of done so sooner but I've been so distracted the past few. Right, so as of now every two weeks… Continue reading Catch up and book review – Elly Griffiths, The Chalk Pit. 


Inspiring Blog Awards

  Gather around for the most prestigious award to date! Just kidding, it's not. I've seen a few of these mini blog awards floating about, and even more so I've seen my own name! So I wanted to address it and make a post so i didn't seem somewhat rude. Firstly - The reason i… Continue reading Inspiring Blog Awards


None craft post

This is a none craft post today. I was  going to blog about my Bina the bear but she still isn't done. I didn't do much Crocheting yesterday as i felt a little poorly, my head was pounding and i just wasn't in the mood. Today though its around 4PM here an i still haven't… Continue reading None craft post


Weekly diary 6 – I think?

It's that time again for me to ramble on and i quite enjoy it! So what have we got?  It's the 28th of February already and i'm still struggling to remember that it's 2017. Two months have gone by so quickly and nothings been achieved for me and my crochet as planning takes a long… Continue reading Weekly diary 6 – I think?


Weekly diary 1

Not exactly exciting...   I took it upon myself to start a weekly diary. I thought maybe daily but considering i lost my job two weeks ago, nothing exciting ever seems to happen to me now. Except the odd funny thing my cat does... Though i am pretty sure the time i spent at my… Continue reading Weekly diary 1