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Blogger-versary | Give away (international)

  Happy Saturday folks, i am that behind on life this week i thought it was Friday and all my usual plans are out of the window. I need to film my kindle tutorial tomorrow, i don't know what it is but its been so busy that this week has flown and now i am… Continue reading Blogger-versary | Give away (international)


I hate you Sunday! | Diary 24.01.18

  WELL - My weekend has been gross. It's put me behind lots, and then now i start worrying about Monday because i so much to do. Okay, so today my new fridge freezer came today because my other one had it's day. It was second hand anyways, so i knew i wouldn't a full… Continue reading I hate you Sunday! | Diary 24.01.18


Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira

  Happy Saturday folks! I have finally finished Kira 😀 You know something? It's actually quite a lengthy project. I mean i did start this a few weeks ago and didn't really pick up the pace until 3 days or so ago BUT even on those odd days, the  hours seemed to of passed. I… Continue reading Lalylala doll – Kangaroo Kira


Crochet & cooking

  This weekend i am taking it easy which i shouldn't because i have A LOT to do but i am tired and i am enjoying relaxing. Netflix has got lots of new shows 😀 😀 😀 So i was playing around with the idea of doing the moss/linen stitch. I was going to make… Continue reading Crochet & cooking


Crochet owl & blanket

Happy Saturday folks! I've limited myself on how many days a week i am blogging as i just seem to be so damn busy lately. The washing just piles up and I can't seem to figure out why AND socks are going missing. I refuse to buy any more damned socks! So I've been making… Continue reading Crochet owl & blanket

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Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office

Well hello my Sunday readers! Hope you all have had a fab weekend. Since my moomin I've been so busy! My massive office desk came and i now have a mini office 😀 It's in my bedroom but i automatically feels so much better. I still need to get a computer chair but I used… Continue reading Weekend wrap up – I have a mini office


Crochet moomin – amigurumi

Was up you guys, its Friday! Isn't it funny how the weekend makes you more happier? Unless you have to work then my bad! So just a few things to get the post rolling is it's MAY! I did not blog yesterday because I hate Star Wars and could not deal with the may 4th… Continue reading Crochet moomin – amigurumi


Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)

  Happy Saturday guys! I hope you are all well, the weather is a bit gloomy here but in all honesty I am kind of feeling it. Something about the grey clouds and rain makes me feel more inspired than when the suns out. Because basically, I am a really miserable person. Anyway - I… Continue reading Beauty & The Beast colour palette (Free)


Weekend wrap up

  Happy Sunday folks! It's currently 17:51PM as i type this and I've literally only just started to function. I have a rule that Sunday's are super lazy days, sometimes I stick to that rule but sometimes I don't as i tend to go to my mums but the past 3 or 4 days have… Continue reading Weekend wrap up


Have a great weekend 

It's wrestlemania weekend! So tonight we are at a local wrestling for the pcw UK. We went to one last year when ryback (wwe) who recently left wwe and it was so much fun We won raffle tickers for another event and so here we are! It's going to be a tiring weekend as in… Continue reading Have a great weekend