Friday catch up and a brief intro on my main character

Happy Friday folks, i've been a bit offline this week on the blog as i haven't been feeling myself and wanted to deal with my dark mood in my own way. I was going to post my WIP Wednesday but we barely had the internet that day and had to wait until Thursday for a… Continue reading Friday catch up and a brief intro on my main character

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Writing excerpt | (Chapter 1 scene 1) – NOT edited

The walk back from work was cold, dark and miserable. Alice had to walk home from work every night as she didn’t like to sit on a bus in traffic for over an hour, when her walk home was just a mere fifteen minutes. But it always felt longer in the winter, as if she… Continue reading Writing excerpt | (Chapter 1 scene 1) – NOT edited

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Hey guys just a quick post as I'm super busy this week and haven't been able to really blog much but ivr just had a massive order for baby clothes etc last night so I have been planning. Also research for my book has taken over a little. Where are the weeks going. OK so… Continue reading LAST CHANCE COMPETITION

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Writing excerpt | Give me back my flowers


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My hands are cold, My hands are tied, Your subtle whisper, I heard you lie, My clothes, my shoes, Are no more, As my body hits the floor, My hands are cold, My hands are tied, Here i lay, As i die.     Rebecca Pursell Oh this was scheduled because I'm a wizard.

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Leaves set free – poem 

The air so cool and leaves set free, Swooshing to a place id like to see, With animals hiding to keep themselves warm, Birds are fleeing away fast like a bee swarm, The fox and owl find food to eat, And the red breast Robin finally lands his feet, The air so cool and the… Continue reading Leaves set free – poem 

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Goodbye July – Short story

I drew back the curtains and took one deep breath, it was dawn once again. I had slept little and had been doing so for such a long time, I couldn’t even remember the last meal that had satisfied my appetite. My eyes were tired and my bones felt numb – Was today finally the… Continue reading Goodbye July – Short story

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‘Untitled’ – Short story

The rain was coming down heavy, but leaving a slight breeze that was enough to make curtains move. I loved the air when it rained, I also enjoyed the view in the distance. When I looked out of my apartment window, I had been blessed with a view – Not just houses and other apartments,… Continue reading ‘Untitled’ – Short story

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Whispering shadow

Her long brown hair fell beautifully as she sat in her window, reading what appeared to be an old war love story. I knew her favourite type of books, i knew a lot about her and it had only been three months. I could see the  frustration in her eyes as one strand of hair… Continue reading Whispering shadow


Quick update

Hello guys! I've not been blogging in over a week and I just wanted to quickly post to say I'm still around and trying to stay up to date with everyone else's blogs. I've been a little distracted as life does that sometimes and so I took a break from the blog to just relax… Continue reading Quick update